Friday, January 10, 2014

Before and After

 Dean Wixom puts the pieces together on the first fully faired H.D. Racer
 Icon pay tribute to the original concept with a piglet hot rod.
Wixom's aerodynamic genius turned the racing hogs from wobblers to wailers.
Icon promotes their secret to success, Squid Envy. It may not work well but damn its going to make you look. Huge front tire, great, if you want it to handle like a full cement truck. Nothing like a hot oil tank to lean on and over and right between your legs. The battery is always the ugliest part of any motorbike and something you need to hide. Not on this bike ,its the first thing you look at and it makes you cringe. I do like the Supertrapps, so I know it sounds greats. I am sure Wixom would have been pleased to see the many thousands of Sportster Street Racers that have been built, mimicking his original design from over four and a half decades ago.