Tuesday, December 3, 2013


1970 Trans Am Championship, last race of the year at Riverside, Calif.  Parnelli Jones has already won the championship in his Boss 302 Mustang but wants to win at his home track in  front of fans and family. He gets taken out by two back markers that he was lapping and gets knocked off the track and into the weeds. When he comes back on the track, he is in last place in a bent and ill-handling car that wouldn't turn right. He had to jump the curbs to get it to go right. Jones catches and passes his team mate Geo. Follmer on the last lap to take the victory. Parnelli Jones who has won in just about every form of four wheel motor sport
 ( except Formula 1,Colin Chapman wanted him to join Lotus but he did not want to be the No.2 driver to his buddy Jim Clark) ,says this was his greatest race.