Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Brad Baker ,the well deserved new No.1.

Baker came to Pomona with the confidence of a future champion. He wanted to win the final race of the year as an exclamation mark on what had been a hard fought fight for the championship.
Brad dominated Pomona. He didn't get it easily however as Bryan Smith on the Kawasaki made him earn every inch of that sweet victory. The Main was a "High Noon" type affair with tension and drama with the two gunslingers facing off in a do or die effort. What a battle and a perfect way to decide who gets the coveted prize. Pomona is one hell of a chargers track and requires the riders to absolutely bust into the corners and grab a huge handful and slide crossed up all the way around. Both riders had a plan and stuck to it. Brad always nailed it around the high line with Smith cutting down to the low line seeking any advantage he could find, only to come out the other end right back on Bakers tail. This was as exciting as Flat Track gets, perfect. Even after two restarts, it reverted back to this high, low, high speed, on the edge of your seat chess game that ended with Baker on the Dodge Bros Harley powering under the checkers for the incredible win.