Monday, September 16, 2013

Hydros, Bayfair San Diego

The Jet Hydroplanes are big, fast and dangerous. They don't seem to handle to well and are prone to flying over backwards at high speed. That makes an interesting show but compared to GNC flat track racing these things are boring. They sound like hopped up vacuum cleaners and Kero is not on my preferred smells list.
They were hitting 180 down the straight on the mile and a quarter oval. Power comes from a 3000 hp Lycoming turbine out of a Chinook helicopter. Racing is tight and competitive but boats have to stay in lanes to avoid the giant roost which is an engine killer if ingested. Boats are set up for their lane ,to hook around the pole or haul ass up against the bails, if you get my drift. They are constantly craning these boats in and out of the water ,making for a very busy pit.

 Smaller GP Class with blown big blocks make the right kind of sound and top out at 150.
Flipper front wing keeps them planted on the water most of the time but if they hit a wave just right (or wrong?) and get a 180 mph blast of air under that thing it's adios muchachos.