Wednesday, September 4, 2013

English XR with pedigree

English Flat Track Fan Alastair McQuaid, purchased National # 73 Sid Carlson's Iron XR over 20 years ago. This isn't just any XR. It just happens to be the very first XR-750 of the King of Flat Track Tuners, Bill Werner of the Factory,Harley Racing Team fame. Bill worked at the Motor Company assembling the production XRs. At night he was racing his Sprints and building this very bike, his first Werner V-Twin Hot Rod. Bill fabricated the frame and built the motor (69XR001) and this was the start of a long line of the winningest Harley XR-750s in history.
 Sid Carlson out front on the Werner XR at the Springfield Ill 1/2 Mile in April of 1970
 Alastair knows how to make an entrance with the Yellow V-Twin in the back of that beautiful Ford.

 From these two old photos, you can see that nothing has really changed on the bike since the early '70s
Sid Carlson gassing up prior to a Mid-West Mile