Friday, September 27, 2013

1964 Honda 250 Scrambler

Honda had their act together. They looked at what were the hot trends and built bikes to suit. British Twin Scramblers with high spaghetti pipes were all the rage in the dirt and on the street. Honda turned their weird 250 Dream with bizarre angular styling into this mini-Trumpet with looks that American kids couldn't resist.
Honda built the 250 for four years,62-65 and then only made it better by making it bigger and more desirable with the 305 Scrambler. They were Customs from the Factory. Most guys did two things to their Hondas. Rattle-can Candy Metal Flake the tank, fenders and side panels ,rip the baffles out and spend $1.95 on some Snuff-R-Nots. Instant Bad Ass.