Thursday, August 29, 2013

Shayna Texter to ride Crosley Kawi at Springfield in BASIC TWINS

The Springfield Miles will see the introduction of the Basic Twins class which enables the Pro Singles riders to get familiar with the bigger, more powerful bikes, while racing their peers . Not being throw in at the deep end for their introduction to the big twins and being chewed up and spit out by the Pros. This makes perfect sense to me after seeing many first timers in the Twins class, way out of their depth because they feel they must not become moving road blocks and really cannot concentrate on learning without a tremendous amount of pressure. There will be no Pro Singles at Springfield. It will be an all Twins meet.
 Here is Shayna Texter on an XR-750 at Calistoga a couple of years ago. This young lady can RIDE obviously but, she is tiny and that XR looked awfully big and at the time I was hoping she wouldn't step up to the Twins and have to compete on that monster.  She did not, phew ! But now Shayna has to ride in Basic Twins and providence has her on the King of the Mile Twins , the much smaller, more compact Crosley Kawasaki, phew!?  I am not going to worry about her on the Kawi. I think she will ride it like she does her 450 and show all those guys the way around "The Mile".
Ryan Wells # 94B will be getting to grips with a big KTM twin from the Waters Racing Stable.
There are a lot of Twins out there and with Basic Twins we will see a great variety of bikes that wouldn't be particularly competitive in Pro Twins but are perfect for Basic Twins.  Mac McGrew will be riding a Honda RS 750 for example. There will be a good number of new Kawasakis and older Suzukis as well as a host of top line spare XR 750 from the Pro teams for their young proteges to ride. No doubt  a couple of Ducatis and Aprilias too. In other words, lots of  fun for riders and spectators alike.