Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bryan Smith 2013 Sacramento Mile Winner

Bryan Smith won his third consecutive Sacramento Mile with speed , race craft and an incredible will to win.The Kawasaki is fast on this track. At the end of the straight it pulls a five to six bike length lead over the fastest Harley XR 750s . In the corners it loses that advantage and the Harley is right back on its tailpipes until the end of the straight again. The Kawi's achilles heel is ,it eats tires and at about 12 laps the tire starts to  give up. Bryan is one hell of a Flat Tracker and can slow the pace and get wide and cool his tire while keeping the field at bay. On lap 15 ,Brad Baker had finally figured out he had to go and got by Smith but Mees, Sammy and Robinson has caught up and Mees drafted to the lead with Smith off the groove and trying to get a tow in fifth .The melee of a five rider battle slowed the proceedings and after four laps Smith used his incredible race craft and was in the lead and on the gas and somehow lead all seven laps to the checkered. Those last seven laps were epic, creating a buzz in the crowd that lasted until they had flocked out of the stands and into the pits to cheer their heros.