Monday, July 22, 2013

Preston Petty's Ohm Racer

Historically I have been vehemently opposed to electric motorcycles. That was up until I witnessed the Csysc IOM winner perform at a club race at Portland International Raceway where it decimated a field of 750 Super Sport bikes with the founder riding it. It sounded like nails on a blackboard when it went by but it flew and that was impressive to me. Then Preston Petty shows up at Perris with this Zero converted for a Short Track attack. Young Hateley rode it and impressed me again. It seems to have the power of a 450 or a good 500 Yamaha and it is basically a stock Zero. Riding it consistently well requires some decent seat time as the instant powerful torque has got to take some getting used to, judging by the wicked sideways whips I've seen. The guys are having fun with it and they are getting fast and I wish them all the luck in the world.
I wouldn't ride one however. My machine has to make beautiful music on and off the throttle.