Wednesday, July 17, 2013

AMA Pro Single Chargers

 Ants Mitchell always on the gas. These shots are from the Stockton 1/2 mile and Anthony was fresh off a Classic 450 Class win at Chowchilla the night before.
 Kale Fisher out of Oregon, Schenk Racing, Columbia River Honda.
 Jay Maloney, MRT, Avila Racing, Eleven 10 Mods
 Jermaine Bacosa, J&B Racing,Nick and Cong Nazzizi

 J.R.Addison, J&F Construction,Woody Kyle Racing
 Dan McRoberts,Wheels Through Time Museum, McRoberts Machine

 Bronson Bauman, Rod Lake, RGR, Hooper Motorsports
 Michael Interbitzin, Southland Racing and Suspension, Aaron Colton.
Continuing the family tradition of hauling ass.