Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Travis Petton II #82 SCFTA

Travis Petton was involved in a heat race wreck that left him sprawled on the ground and unconscious.
It took a while but, he did get to his feet with help and walk slowly across the track to his pit.
I witnessed the whole event close up and personal ( see photos below) and I took it for granted that after that thrashing, Travis was done for the evening. No way. He came back and won the Bomber Main in grand style ! Travis is not only a very talented Flat Tracker, he is a very tough one too.

I wish I could have seen that but, unfortunately we had to pack up after the Classic 500/750 Main and take Too Fast Ferguson to the Temecular Saw Bones where they discovered his collar bone broken in three places. Thank goodness Ron Lessely escaped basically unharmed. Tom is, well you can imagine, sore but  determined to come back and keep his No.1 Plate