Monday, June 24, 2013

Over the bars with Danny Perkins #89 SCFTA

The Bomber class of the SCFTA is always a spectacular event with incredibly talented flat trackers racing real short track bikes, framers that epitomize the classic flat track machine, beautiful machines built to boogie. Round Six, Heat One of the Bomber class started with the intensity we all were looking forward to. The pace was flat out and furious for 1 1/2 laps before things went suddenly sideways. Travis Petton II got into Jimmy Lungren a wee bit which caused a chain reaction taking out Travis, Ian Foulds and Danny Perkins.
They all walked away, Travis pretty slowly.

    Lap 1 and 70L Jimmy Lundgren leads them out of turn two with 89 Perkins, 6 Joe Steffen,82 Petton and 26 Ian Folds hot on his heels.
 Lap 2 and Petton is nibbling at Lundgren's leg with his front tire
 Petton in the awkward position of t-boning 70L who just keeps gassing it and luckily escapes.
 Petton knows he is going for a ride at this stage with the field hard on the gas right behind him.
 Ian Foulds had his front wheel taken out from beneath him and down went Petton.
Danny Perkins had no where to go and over the bars he went. Petton took a fairly substantial face plant, body slam and was lucky to be helped up and walk away from it after a while. We know that Ian Foulds is a very tough character and he got up a bit bloodied and beaten but walked away. Perkins got layed out but got up and tried to cheer the other two up by telling them how much fun they were having , until this happened ! All three did not compete in the rest of the program. Perkins seemed to fair the best but couldn't race because he had a footpeg punch a sizable hole in his fiberglass tank.