Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sammy stomped 'em in Stockton

Sam won his first GNC race of 2013. He showed up at the Stockton 1/2 Mile National not having ridden a bike in months. Halbert has been on the recovery list after two back to back operations on an old shoulder injury and then a new knee injury that took 6 weeks to recover from. You would have never guessed it. Halbert came out blazing from the git-go and ended the night with a powerful ride in a classic battle with 
Brad Baker. Sam got out front at the start and then Baker caught him and passed him and gapped him.  
I thought it was over and I was about to witness Brad's first GNC victory. Tenacious Sam caught him and after a while passed him and a prize fight broke out with both riders using their best stuff and all their skills.
Wheel to wheels, bar to bar ,inside outside, contact and control by both riders. With great effort, Halbert powered by Baker and led the last 5 laps keeping a 5 bike length lead to the flag. That was a fantastic race
and a great demonstration of Sammy's will to win. Great to see him really enjoy the win too. Sam knows how to rev an XR in a victory salute. There is not a sweeter sound.