Friday, May 3, 2013

Matt Weidman #20 GNC

Really sorry to hear Matt is nursing a serious concussion and will be out for a good portion of the season.
Wise move and good to know we are taking these injuries more seriously these days.
Bummer for Matt in more ways than one. The young up and comer has to put his second National victory on hold for a while. It has to be hard to chillax when you want to be out there haulin' ass and winning races.
Speedy and full recovery Matt.

 Matt gets down on the pole to see if it is any faster than that blue groove.
This is the Tucson 1/2 Mile 2012. One of the more hairball tracks of last season.
I think the only guy who liked it was Bonsey who won in grand style and ate up the big spooky, soggy, slippery, bumpy, holey track
Is that Evel or Elvis on that #20 Kawasaki. Those are, without a doubt, the coolest leathers seen on the GNC circuit in decades. Right up there with Dave's Bones.