Thursday, May 23, 2013

Johnny Lewis GNC # 10 TRIUMPH

What great news it was to hear Johnny Lewis would be back in the GNC, riding a Triumph !
And, with Joe Kopp as Team Manager of the Portland, Oregon based Latus Triumph Racing.
The Latus team arrived at Stockton and immediately made their presence know with, get this, SECOND QUICK ! When was the last time Triumph have been at the top of any list in the GNC. Prayers have been answered. 
 Here is something to be happy about. Johnny Lewis back in the AMA GNC.
 It gets better. Joe Kopp is back too as Team Manager.

Watching Lewis throw the #10 Triumph around is a real pleasure.
The Stockton Main had some unusually goings on with rubbin' is racin' contact, near crashes ,incredible saves and intense bar to bar battles that relegated a good number of the big dogs to the back of the pack, including Johnny. I think the Triumph may be wheezing a little at Springfield but should be dynamite on the half miles. Go Johnny !