Sunday, May 26, 2013

Jared Mees GNC # 1

Mees would make a great Bull Rider. In the Stockton Main, in an early race coming together with another rider, he flew off the last remnants of the banking coming off four and his Rogers Racing Harley turned into an angry bull trying to do as much damage to its rider as possible. I saw the bike slapping violently from one side to another with Mees up in the air miraculously saving one high side only to have to fight another the other way. A mega tank slapper that he rode out because he is a tough SOB and the fact the track had no crash wall ,due to the track was built inside the Mile. It was a ball buster and give Mees a lot of credit for first saving it and then finishing the 25 lapper, no doubt fighting off pain inflicted by a viciously buckin' beast.