Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dapper Dan Ingram GNC # 31

 You cant help but notice the enthusiasm and spirited riding of Grand National # 31, Dan Ingram. His come back story is a good one, and all the fans remember Dan from years ago and love his hard charging style that has them holding their breath at some stage during just about every one of his races. Stockton was no different. Ingram was fighting a handling problem on the Brush Eaken/ Dick Ford Harley, that was causing a tail out condition coming in and going out of corners. Dan held some incredibly long and wild looking slides every time on the track. They were trying to fix it but to no avail so Dan was left no alternative but to ride around the problem which he did spectacularly until the rear shock revealed it's weakness and disintegrated early in the main which caused him to retire from the race with a single point in the opening round of the Twins Championship.