Friday, April 26, 2013

Silent Running - Zero Electric Flat Tracker

Preston Petty,yep, the inventor of the plastic mudguards from the 1970's,
races in the Super Senior Class in the SCFTA usually on a KTM  but 
showed up this last time with a Zero Electric Flat Tracker. Both Pres and  #43 A.J.Hateley
rode the bike and made it look good. With two batteries and 250lbs the Zero seems to hold its own with 450s ! They are experimenting with one battery but seem to get more power for longer with two.
The problem with these bikes is they sound like....nothing. Thats great if you want to hold races at your local Baseball Diamond which would be fun. Great to see Preston thinking outside the box as usual and lets see
just how competitive they can make it. 
 Pres forgoes the Pajama togs for a vintage jump suit while gassing (?) the Zero.
Appropriate Number Plate.
 A.J. using the torque of electricity.
 Two Super Seniors go at it. Jack Nealey ( 500 Triumph single) and Preston battle.
Right after this moment the Zero whipped completely sideways when Pres reached for more power.
It looked like the instant torque might be reminiscent of the hair trigger two strokes of yesteryear.
It didn't faze Mr. Petty who put his head down and hauled ass on this new fangled contraption.
 Hateley can make any bike competitive and it was great to see him flogging this silent sled.