Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Keith Moore Memorial

Keith Moore was one of the good guys of our large motorcycle family.
I remember Keith best in his 1940s gas station shop in old Santa Ana.
I discovered Moores Cycle by driving by  in the early 80s and seeing some old 
Triumphs parked in front. After going in and meeting him that first time, 
I knew I had found a guy who was dedicated to the Meridian make 
with a quiet zen like knowledge. Keith was always busy and talked while he worked.
He also had what you needed every time and gave me advice about installing it 
or making it work best. I once bought a complete gasket set for a T120 rebuild and 
he told me his tricks about every one of them.
I was saddened to hear Keith passed and I will always remember a real friendly,
 generous fellow with a sly smile and a Pall Mall