Thursday, March 14, 2013


Mikey Rush won the Daytona Short Track opener with a determined ride that had him out front of Brad Baker and Jared Mees for the last seven laps of the 25 lap main. Brad Baker lead 17 laps and Mikey went to school for every one of those laps and found a chink in Brad's amour and snuck past when it counted.
Rush has two National Victories both being at Daytona Short Track. The first one came in 2007.
I took these shots of an epic battle at Perris SoCal that included Brad Baker (12) and hot shoe Kayl Kolkman (98) who must have run into some bad racing luck at Daytona tonight ,finishing in, unlucky for him, 13th place.
Congrats Mikey, well done ! You vanquished a full field of heavy weight flat trackers in a spectacular fashion. You have done it twice, good luck tomorrow night when you go for # 3.