Monday, March 4, 2013

Husky 400 Cross '69

Edison Dye started Moto Cross in the United States in '66 when he imported Huskys and their factory riders
and organized the first races where American scrambles hot shoes got a taste of what was possible on dirt bikes. The Swedes and Belgium riders cleaned house repeatedly but it didn't dissuade the Yanks. It only made them more determined to master this new and exciting form of racing. Husky understood the potential of the market and even built special versions for our beloved desert racing. J.N. Roberts and Whitey Martino became heroes riding the red and chrome machines. Moto Cross flourished and so did Husky.
It didn't hurt that Harvey Mushman  was hauling the freight on his beloved speedy Swede.

Steve McQueen's very original 400 CR went on the auction block in Las Vegas recently
                                  and reached a bid of $70K but that did not meet the reserve of $100K.