Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The One Motorcycle Show, Portland,OR 8,9,10 FEB

Friday night kick-off to "The One Motorcycle Show" in Portland, Oregon should be a must if you live in the N.W. The great states of Oregon ,Washington, Idaho and our two wheeled brethren in British Columbia, Canada have always been a stronghold of hardcore MC enthusiasts. Dirt Track and Road Racing always attracted the faithful at tracks like Sidewinders, PIR, Castle Rock ,Kent and Westwood, no matter what the weather. If you live in this neck of the woods you ride in rain and cold. This week-end will be no different. It's February and it will be pissing down rain in Portland, just like it does just about every other month of the year. It wont effect these folks, in fact I think they might relish showing the out of towners what riding in the rain is all about. A great time to be in Portland for the Show and its associated events. Enjoy !
 ICON will be introducing their new RETRO RAIN REGALIA.
They will have them available for test rides.

See these and more.
 I wish I could go just to see this masterpiece
 Yamaha 360 Street Slider
 Perfect piece of Americana
 BBBad Beesa
Tasty Trumpy