Monday, February 4, 2013

Brandan Bergen #26 Privateer

Brandan lives to race and is wholly committed to making his mark in Grand National Racing.
He is versatile and is talented in all four disciplines. He did suffer some devastating TT leg injuries recently but has fought back from those gallantly and 2013 should be great for him as he is healthy and ready to go.
Brandan does it all. He build his own spectacular XR 750s which are fast and reliable and absolutely gorgeous. His 450s and Framer 450 are in the same category .
All Brandan needs is a good Motor Cycle related sponsor. He is a fun guy and a charger and with some extra dollars to boost his travel and racing effort he would be a new contender. 
Brandan comes from a racing family, his late Grandfather being the founder of B&M Transmissions an iconic name in the Drag Racing Hot Rod world. He gets heaps of support from his family who are most often in the pits with him and are some more of the great, friendly, helpfull people in our sport.