Friday, January 25, 2013

Kenny Coolbeth Harley's Ace in the hole.

With Harley's racing budget cut backs, I hope they are smart enough to keep 
Kenny happy and motivated by paying him what he is worth. 
There could not be a better representative for the Motor Company than the affable Mr. Coolbeth.
And he wins races in grand style. Maybe concentrating their finances and efforts around the Factory Team will pay big benefits. Kenny will have some momentum from the last race of the year, Pomona 2012 , 
where he decimated the field and took the checkers 8 seconds in front of the pack. They will also have the advantage of a positive change to the restrictors, being opened up a hair can only help as does the minimum weight change. The 2 should be flying.

 Dynamic duo, Kenny and Mike Hacker, set-up tactician and excellent ex-XR pilot who
knows his stuff and really benefits the H.D. Team