Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tom Ferguson NO.1. SCFTA Classic Vintage 500-750

Tom ended the SCFTA season on a high note by winning the two Double Header weekend mains and walked away with the Classic Vintage 500/750 NO.1. Plate. Tom has the honor of riding Jim McMurren's Harley Sprint and has done a fine job aboard the Italian 350 Single.

 Jim wanted to make sure there were no hiccups in the final run for the championship so he put together
a second 350 as a spare for Tom. Jim worked his magic on this one too and it flys fast and loud.
The rider decided to stick with his main mount for the Finals.
 For all the marbles. Last Brakeless 500/750 main of the 2012 season.
 Out front and on the gas.
" Too Fast" Tom Ferguson and Jim McMurren enjoying the thrill of victory.
SCFTA Trophy Presentations are nice low key affairs. The new NO.1. shares the spotlight with season runner up, the always styl'n Gentleman Joe Pape.