Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Jim McMurren's No.11 going to Donelson's Flat Track Museum

San Diego's Jim McMurren has finally hung up his steel shoe.
Jim is famous for his racing exploits on Harley Sprints.
This Sprint is headed for Donelson's Cycle and Carl Donelson's Flat Track Museum in St. Louis, MO
The 250 Trackmaster Sprint actually belongs to Bill Milburn, Flat Track Historian and Collector
who 17 years ago asked Jim to race the bike and then told him to hang on to it and get it back to him
when he didn't race it anymore. Jim had a lot of success riding this Sprint in many races as well as his bigger capacity Sprints. The motorcycle is going back perfectly rejuvenated by Sprint Tuner extraordinaire Mr McMurren and with an incredible racing history to boot. Jim said goodbye to his old friend at the" Night before the National" at Perris Short Track recently, where it was loaded into a Racer's van that was headed back east. Jim will be reunited with the machine and see it displayed in all it's glory when he attends the annual Neil Keen Birthday Bash held at Donelson's.