Monday, October 29, 2012

Brad Baker on the Dodge Bros 1937 Indian Scout

Brad Baker rode Tony Dodge's 1937 Indian Scout at the Perris "Night before the National" SCFTA race.
What a treat it was to witness his full on assault of the Perris Short Track. Brad looked like a natural on the foot clutch, hand shift, no brakes 750 v-twin and put on a display of attack mode flat tracking. He would lay the bike into the corner with extreme lean angles, sliding both wheels and then throttle around in a beautiful high arc getting closer to the wall with every lap. That was a thing of beauty.
 Tony's telling Brad," The bike maybe seventy five years old but you don't have to baby it. It will take every thing you throw at it"

 Brad came out on the Indian both guns blazing. It is always incredible to see this Indian in action,which we are fortunate to see fairly often here in So Cal but, seeing National No.12 give it some serious stick was an eye opener as to just how potent a machine it is and how good Brad is to just jump on it cold and Haul Ass.
He was turning laps on the 1937 Indian with the same times as he was on his 2012 Honda 450 !
By the last couple of laps Brad was really feeling comfortable and had it full throttle up against the fence.
Thanks Brad and Tony, Spectacular !