Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Jersey Jake - Sacramento Mile

Jake Johnson rode as hard as he has ever ridden at the Sacramento Mile but came up a close second to the Crosley Kawasaki of Bryan Smith. Jake tried everything in his book of tricks to stay ahead of the super fast Kawasaki but in the end he saw the tail end of Smith's bike as they crossed the stripe. The Harley is faster in the corners and the Kawi faster on the straights which resulted in a high speed chess game for Johnson , Mees and Smith. In the final laps Jake was blocked in the corners repeatedly by a very wide Smith and couldn't maintain the tow to get the pull to pass down the straight. All this resulted in a very exciting race for the fans. Mees led at times, Jake was out front for a while but it seemed when he had to lead Smith pinned the throttle on the parallel twin and rocketed to the front down the straights with ease.

 Dash for Cash action with the fast five. Johnson, Mees, Smith, Robinson on the Werner Kawi, super competitive Stevie Bonsey and Aussie Luke Gough on the other Eaken powered Kawasaki.
 Jake and Mees must have been thinking that the Kawi wasn't that fast after all. Smith was hanging back not showing his hand, keeping the two fast Harleys from conspiring against him in the coming showdown.