Friday, August 31, 2012

Brad "The Bullet" Baker GNC #12

Brad Baker's 2012 season has been very interesting ,to say the least. All fired up to ride for Kenny Tolbert on a Kawasaki that Brad insisted on and Kenny agreed to build and tune, then bitterly disappointed when things went south due to lack of sponsorship dollars. Out of the complete blue comes an offer to ride for The Motor Company when Kenny Coolbeth breaks his leg in a freak accident. What an opportunity and an honor for the young man. Brad did a sterling job on what has to be the most prestigious seat in GNC racing and he gained incredible experience in how their organization works and what the Factory mount feels like. Coolbeth returned and now Brad is riding the Dodge Bros XR, which became available after the surprise move of Stevie Bonsey to the Werner Springsteen Kawi Team. Tony Dodge's XRs are some of the best in the field and Brad is comfortable on them as shown by a dominating win at Willow not too long ago.
Baker is hot property and it will be fascinating to see where his career path leads.