Monday, July 9, 2012

Tom Ferguson #95 SCFTA

Tom put in another nice ride on Jim McMurren's 350 H.D. at the June SCFTA race.
Jim was there fettling the bike between runs and giving Tom some pointers. McMurren raced the bike for 40 years so he definitely knows what he's talking about. 

 Tom sits on 95 which originally was Mert Lawwills 1970 season short tracker. Next to him is another 350 H.D. which was originally Cal Rayborns and it is a tiny machine in comparison, lower,shorter, different frame and tiny forks. It goes great and Jim Ottele ended up winning the main on it. The bike comes out of the Bunch of Apples stable.

The start of the Main and Toms on it with a vengeance. The pole sitting Bultaco El Bandito came out of two in the lead with Tom right on his tailpipe which was not a good place to be when the Bultaco spat its spark plug out of the hole ( forgot to tighten it) and slowed dramatically. Being the brakeless class, Tom had to get out of the throttle and swerve left around him with the pack coming past at the same time. He made it but that bobble cost him dearly in track position. Tom fought back for a decent second place and now is in second in  the points chase.