Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sacramento Mile 2011 Last lap shenanigans

The recent last lap dilemma between Wiles and Halbert is nothing new. When your out front on the last lap of a National, some guys will do anything to win. Sacramento Mile 2011 was a similar circumstance. Smith led going into three with Carr and Jake Johnson right on his butt. Smith could see the checkered flag held high with his name written on it. To protect his lead he made a diabolical swerve right into Carr as Chris  began to draft by. Chris avoided him by the skin of his teeth and got back on the throttle to follow Smith across the line by .042 Seconds.  When Carr roared into the podium area ,he was seeing red. The AMA officials gathered in Chris's corner ,all looking aghast and dumbfounded. They let the positions stand as they finished.
 When a Seven Time National Champion is giving you some very carefully chosen words of wisdom, you listen.
 Being the Champion that he is,Chris puts it behind him the best he can and tries to enjoy his last Sacramento Mile Podium, ever.
A well aimed bottle of bubbly is really saying " Wake up A.H. you could have killed us both ! "