Friday, June 29, 2012

Born Free 4 - Tomorrow - Silverado, So Cal.

How time flies,these are from last year.
 The 50's would have been fun on this.

 Elegant use of concentrics
 I dig these pipes

 Triumph perfection.
 I once read an interview in Rolling Stone of a CEO of a big American Pharmaceutical Company and he told the story about testing a new drug. All the top scientists in the Company tried it and had exactly the the same experience. They sat in a chair and took one pill ,soon they were in a deep dream ,walking down a dark  damp earthen tunnel where soon they met the friendly inhabitants ,the Sausage people who encouraged them to follow them down and down until they came to a restriction in the tunnel where a big root had grown across blocking the path leaving a small hole through which the Sausage people squeezed and then beaconed from the other side for their guest to follow. At this point the scientists all felt an overwhelming sense of dread and wrestled with the dilemma causing them all to wake up at exactly this point. When I first saw this bike ,I could just see the Sausage people ripping up and down their tunnels in sheer delight on this thing.
 It only takes the first one to start a fad. I'm glad this wacky Aussie look never caught on.
So Bad Ass it spawned thousands of variations of the theme.