Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bikes in Advertising

Motorcycles in advertising are rare and usually the images are boring and bland.Things are changing ,maybe Ad Execs are younger and bike savvy these days.Whatever is going on, these three caught my eye.
 Autolite Sparkplugs invented the Triumph T-14000 Biigg Twin
 Allstate Motorcycle Insurance tempt us with a Cafe Chick on 70's Honda 750, tucked in blasting up PCH on her way to The Rock Store. Any Cafe Racer worth his or her Clip-ons spots a contrived Ad photo immediately. No Canyon Carver would be seen dead with the Repro Firestones this bike is running. Dunlop TT-100s are the preferred tire choice for scratchin' in the twisties on these Classic mounts. It is great to see the cut down Cafe Bike as popular as ever but the current crop of young builder/riders seem to think they invented something. These stripped down, 4-into one Hondas, Kawis, Suzys and Yamahas have been tearing up the roads to the Rock Store, Newcomes,The Lookout and Mt. Palomar for 40 years.
Who doesn't love a nice one handed Wheelie.
Thank you Xerox.