Friday, May 11, 2012

Sammy Tanner Grand Marshal Ascot Reunion

Sammy Tanner won the first AMA National held at Ascot in 1959 and since then  has been major personality in the Flat Track world. Sammy won 408 regulation AMA races and 67 Trophy dashes.
Incredibly he has won on a wide variety of machines, Triumph, BSA, Royal Enfield, Norton, Honda and Harley Davidson. 
It is great to see him honored as Grand Marshal for the Ascot Flat Track Reunion.
 Tanner has a huge amount of success racing the C.R. Axtell (left) Goldie.
 Sammy also excelled at Speedway and promoted Big Track races at Ascot.
This was unusual for So Cal fans to see Speedway Racing on anything other than the tiny tracks
that proliferated in California. Seeing 2 speed 500 Speedway bikes flying around Ascot's 
1/2 Mile at the same speed as the flat track bikes was very impressive.

Another win for "The Fly'n Flea" shared with Ascots J.C. Agajanian