Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dodge Bros / Stevie Bonsey attack Springfield Mile

Stevie Bonsey " The Calistoga Kid" will be racing for his second Grand National victory at this weekends
Springfield Mile, that is if he doesn't win the previous days T.T.  Bonsey will be riding a familiar mount ,the potent Dodge Brothers XR 750. The GNC is so competitive that it requires many aspects to come together to put it up front. The #80 had some mysterious lack of forward bite problems through the 2011 season. An off season discovery has the team confident those problems will be a thing of the past. There is absolutely no doubt that Bonsey has the determination and ability to get on top of the box if his motorcycle is hooking up and flying. Go get'em Stevie !

 Tony Dodge Flat Track Patron. The Dodge Bros Harleys are fast and immaculate and always look stunning in their Factory Colors. Tony's dad was a Flat Tracker all his life and when his boys wanted to learn to ride he propped them up on his Indian Scout racers and let them wobble around their backyard dirt track. The brothers became racers and it was always a pleasure to see the whole family in their pit which was bristling with Indians and Harleys. Tony heads up the efforts but his bros pitch in and together they produce some of the finest XR 750s ever to roll onto the racing surface.

Stevie knows how to twist the throttle on 450s too. Celebrating with his Dad after winning the Las Vegas Indoor in January.