Monday, May 14, 2012

Ascot Reunion Done & Fun !

It only took 21 years for an Ascot Flat Track Reunion to come about ,but it was worth the wait.
Jerry Greer and his fellow enthusiasts made it happen and what an event it was.
With thirty seven years of outstanding history to draw from, the event was drenched in rich memories and emotion. Legendary Flat Tracker ,Sammy Tanner  was Grand Marshal and graced us with his fun demeanor and great story telling. The Reunion attracted the who's who of Ascot's old combatants and it was a treat to see, meet and listen to those that were there in the thick of it when it all went down. Thanks to all those who attended and a giant thank you to Jerry and all those who made it possible.
 Dennis Mahan's famous Gold Star and 1961 8 Lap National trophy
 Incredible Reunion Program with Ascot's complete history.
 Dan White was one of many who showed original bikes that competed on Ascot's clay.
 I just happened to witness one event that was typical of what went on all day.
Guy on left: Dave my names So&So, I don't know if you remember me but we raced against one another in our Novice days. Dave looks blankly at the guy and says sorry man I don't remember you. But I do a lot better with Numbers. What number were you. Guy on left: 34 z.  Dave: Oh Hell Yeah ! your the guy who.........and you did this and that. Lots of laughing and back slapping. All in all a GREAT time was had by one and all. 
Jay Agajanian, Sammy , Chris Agajanian and Ronnie Jones who won the last National at Ascot kept us all entertained with real funny stories of what happened. Great stuff.