Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tom Ferguson #95 SCFTA

Tom is a life long Flat Tracker out of the Southbay, San Diego. He has raced up and down the West Coast for many decades and now has the privilege of riding Jim McMurren's Harley Sprint in the SCFTA Classic 500/750 Brakeless class. And ride it he does, in a polished determined style honed on Dirt Tracks large and small. This is the ex-Mert Lawwill Sprint from 1969-70 and I think it runs even better today than it did when Mert was winning with it all those years ago. Jim McMurren is a Sprint Tuner Deluxe and this 350 has all kinds of speed. The tail section is the original from that era ,the tank is a replacement with the original sitting on a shelf for safe keeping. It is really something to see a bike that has a significant history being ridden in the fashion it was intended for.

Tom with his Trusty Rusty Triumph 500 spare.