Saturday, April 7, 2012

Jim McMurren Trailblazers Hall of Fame

On April 14th,2012, Jim McMurren ,San Diego Flat Tracker will be inducted into the Trailblazers Hall of Fame. Jim fine honed his dirt track skills from an early age and up until very recently has been racing and winning on the same equipment he was making a living on in the 60's and 70's. Jim's weapon of choice was a potent Harley Sprint which he used very effectively for five decades. I am not certain but I think Jim might be pondering retirement from riding in races but not from racing. He is a firm believer that bikes should be ridden,not hidden and currently two SCFTA racers are very proud indeed to twist the throttle in anger on two of Jim's racers. Jim was a true Professional Motorcycle Racer. He raced for money not for points. In the Summer Jim would leave his San Diego business and head for the Mid West and the County Fair Circuit ,where he had to win to pay for his racing lifestyle. Santa Fe Speedway in Chicago was the big draw every Wednesday night and Jim raced the best in the business and gained a reputation for being a first class guy and a fierce competitor. It is these attributes and his life long commitment to our sport that have gained him the honor of being elected a Trailblazers Hall of Famer. A hearty congratulations Jim.
Jim and his trusty Sprint. In fact it is Mert Lawwill's '69 Racer that Jim won on for many years and is still tearing it up today.
Formed in 1940 the criteria to join was twenty years of motorcycle riding experience. The Trailblazers are as strong today as ever,populated by the who's who in the Motorcycle world.
Jim and his old rival Walt Fulton.
Jim celebrates a very good night.
Jim battling recently at the new Perris Short Track.