Thursday, April 19, 2012

George Kerker Norton Racer

George Kerker is a household name around here in Motorcycle circles and will forever be tied to both Nortons and Headers. This is his Purple "S" type that he used to flog to victory in AFM club races in the late 60's and real early 70's. The Norton Wrecking Crew from Bakersfield Norton Dealer ,Jack Simmons consisted of Jack,George,Reg Pridmore and Bill Manley all riding high bar,stock footpegs,hotted up Commandos in the Premier class called Heavyweight Production. They did best at the little OCIR Drag Strip and back road race course.They trounced the Clip on ,rearset crowd and weren't appreciated by the traditional Road Racers.George went on to race his beloved Nortons in other organizations but the antics from Orange County International Raceways are legendary. Lots of sideways action fighting a slew of Triumphs twins and triples,BSA,same, Kawi 500 triples and wobbly dangeous looking Honda 4s. This was the start of the so called Super Bike class in the States. The name Super Bike was copied from the Australian series with the same kind of bikes at that time.