Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bryan Smith back on Kawasaki 650R for the Miles

Bryan Smith will be back on a Kawasaki for the 5 Miles on this years schedule. He will be riding the Howerton Racing 650R that Aussie Luke Gough rode to a career best 4th place finish in 2011.
Brian proved the little twin can get the job done with two stunning back to back victories at the Springfield Mile and Indy on the Werner Springsteen mount that started this whole Kawasaki trend. Bryan left the Green Team after some political wrangling and jumped right back to his winning ways on his Fast Hog Harley. A few Mile wins on the Howerton Kawi might be flavored with some sweet revenge. Smith knows how to win ,the question now is can he do it with this particular bike. I would say, definitely yes.
Beautifully conceived and executed, the Howerton Kawasaki is the equal of anything is the Pits.
 Bryan in happier days with Team Green. He certainly paid his dues with mechanical let downs while developing the bike. He stuck it out without complaining and made it work,proving Werner's theory that the relatively inexpensive Kawasaki 650R could compete head to head with the Harleys and was a winner.
 Bryan pulling a surprised train of XRs
Luke Gough rode the Howerton /Skip Eaken Kawasaki in 2011 and was knocking on the door with it.
I really hope he gets to ride it again in 2012. Luke has the talent and his 1st National victory cannot be far away. Luke wasn't at Daytona, but I hope he's Tucked in and Haulin' at Springfield.