Thursday, March 15, 2012

Short Track Kick Off

The start of the 2012 Grand National Championship is finally here and we are blessed with a double header from the birth place of speed, Daytona Beach, FL. Anything can happen and underdogs and no names have won here in the past and delighted us with stunning victories. Last year, Sam Halbert cleaned house with with a determined double victory so I would think he is odds on favorite to repeat, at least once. All the contenders have been racing hard all off season long in preparation for these two events. What ever happens ,it's going to be worth the long wait.
Briar Bauman is a Bad Ass, and this 16 year old kid could show his seasoned rivals and the world just how good he is.
Two time Grand National Champ, Jake Johnson wont be hangin' around. Obviously Singles and Twins are his forte.
Jared Mees has got the bit between his teeth and Daytona's slippery sand wont feel like Michigan Ice but he has been winning in the off season and he wants to keep it going, and very well could.
Hank knows his way to the top of the box at short track races and look for some spectacular stuff and hopefully at least one win.
Rob Pearson is overdue and a Daytona 1st Place Trophy would be a great way to kick off the season.