Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Jim Rice's 1957 Goldie

Jim Rice became one of the leading amateur riders in the country in 1968 riding this Tom Sifton tuned 1957 BSA Goldstar. He won several Amateur Nationals in '68 and it propelled him right into the pro ranks the next year. The Goldstar had dominated in West Coast dirt track for years and had an awesome reputation. Jim was one of the last racers to take advantage of its strong points and Twins ruled from this point on. During his short 6 year career as a Pro, Jim won 12 AMA Nationals on Miles ,1/2 Miles and TTs. Eleven of those wins on BSAs. These first two photos are from the AMA's American Motorcyclist Magazine, April issue. The Goldie is housed on the showroom floor at Red Rock H.D. in Las Vegas. It is in absolute original condition with dirt on the tires from the last time it raced in '68.

Another victory for Jim in 1968.