Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Daytona Dastedly Deed

This is Mees suffering from an extreme case of red mist after being relegated to second place on the last corner of the Short Track National. Johnny Lewis who has only been racing Flat Track for four years hounded the Champ waiting for his opportunity. He got it and took it ,no fuss no muss. Mees being the consummate professional that he is, decides about two seconds to late to hip check # 10 for the victory. It all goes horribly wrong when Mess slams into Johnny and runs over his foot. Lewis starts to tip over and Mees runs over his foot again when John sticks it back out to save his fall. Lewis goes down and spins a 360 somehow sitting on the bike and flipping Mees off at the same time. Pointed the right direction ,Johnnys back on it and gasses it over the line for 8th. Absolutely incredible. There is rubbin in racin and Mees does that every time he rides, but this was something distinctly different. It was highway robbery with a deadly weapon.

Thank you dag221 for the great shots.

There were some very positive aspects from the ST. Chris Carr is an excellent commentator and hopefully there will be more TV Races for him to voice his experienced perspective. Matt Weidman got a National Win and spun an awesome victory doughnut. Dan Ingram is back racing on the dirt. Briar Bauman showed his stuff with a tremendous heat win and a good 6th place finish. Sam rode squeaky clean and looked like a little angel out there. On to Springfield ST and Mile.