Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dang Good Daytona

I really enjoyed SPEED's excellent coverage of Daytona. The 200 was as intriguing as ever and DiSalvos incredible race on the Triumph was just plain exciting. Congrats to 19 yr old Joey Pascarella. He kept his head down and outran them all to take the checkers. Another 19 yr old. Elana Myers did the same thing in Pro Sportbike. She was leading onto the banking and outran the pack also. Blake Young did the same to win the SB2, he chose to lead onto the banking and his big Suzook came across the line first,by 2 K of a second! The Short Track coverage was excellent, much better than the AMA's handling of the results. They should do something about that track. I couldn't believe how rough it was. They need to dig up that beach sand and replace it with decomposed granite. Come on, you go to all the trouble of making a great facility and scrimp on the most important factor, the racing surface. Daytona, hire the guy who built Perris and have him fix the problem once and for all.
What's wrong with the AMA Judges!? They condone overaggressive riding by some and ban others for the same thing. Mees took out Johnny Lewis is a blatant desperate move that robbed #10 of what would have been his second National Victory in a row. That was obviously a FOUL. Yet nothing happened. Mees should have been DQed and Lewis should split the points of a win with Matt. You have to have some rules concerning bonehead maneuvers like those performed by Mo'emdown Mees. If Sam had done that they would have banned him for a couple of races. Why don't they do that to Mees? Man, I feel sorry for Johnny Lewis. The guy got ROBBED in plain sight and no one did a thing about it.
That was a classic 200. When I saw DiSalvo looking at his Triumph's back wheel my heart sank and then to see him battle all the way to the stripe and miss by a bike length was phenomenal. Take nothing away from Joey Pascarella's big win but DiSalvo's ride was pure inspiration.
Superbikes put on a show and Blake Young got some sweet revenge in Round 2.
19 Yr Old Elena Myers wins the Pro Sportbike in grand style. Pulled the pack across the stripe,well done. Hopefully Elana will be back in Pro Singles Flat Track again this year, she looked pretty racy at Calistoga.