Sunday, February 5, 2012

Honda CL 350 1968

This beauty was racing at the Vegas WCFTS. Shoe horned into an old Two-stroke frame, the little twin impressed me with its mighty wail and obvious power which was easily distinguishable from the whole field of 350 and 500 singles it was running against.
It wasn't easy getting the Honda Twin in there, requiring new motor mounts welded onto the cases and some long inlet tubes that didn't seem to effect the power band at all. The Tickets are for each practice session.
It was Rider Mike's first time on Concrete so he was a little dubious at first. That didn't last long ,he was powering up the inside ,sliding around the outside, passing guys at will keeping the screaming little Honda on the boil.
When I was a kid my good buddy showed up on this exact bike. His Uncle had just returned from 'Nam via Japan with two of these, a Blue one for him and the Orange one for his nephew. I was impressed with its clean and oh so tidy appearance but being a died in the wool Triumph fan I didn't think this thing was a patch on a new Daytona or a Bonneville. Eh, Jap bikes, a passing fad !