Thursday, February 23, 2012

Henry Wiles GNC # 17

Henry raced the Gardner Racing XR in 2011 but in the 2012 GNC we will see the 17 on not one but four Lloyd Bros/ENI/ Nicky Hayden Ducatis. Two Milers and two Half Milers. This should make a tremedous difference to the team with dedicated bikes for specific tracks. Henry rides to win and there is absolutely no doubt about his incredible talent. Give him a bike capable of winning and he will put it on top of the box.

Next time he is up here the bike will be Red and it wont have a Ducati emblem on the tank. Apparently the Ducati Factory is so short sighted it wont help the one team that stirs up the most excitement for their brand in their most important market, America.
All three of those gals are thinking the same thing, "This Race Queen has got dibs on this dude"