Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Moroney's 1-800 FastHog Racing

Bryan Smith was back aboard a Pat Moroney Harley in 2011 and immediately got back to his winning ways. Bryan is always a contender no matter what color bike he is racing and the Harley faithful welcomed him back with open arms. His young team mate P.J. Jacobsen isn't too shabby either. Look for both of these guys to be up front ,taking the Checkers in this 2012 season.
Moroney's Harley Davidson ,New Windsor,N.Y. have always been a front running, winning team with fast bikes and exciting riders. Bryan is the Team leader with a long list of Grand National victories,while P.J. is the lightning quick young gun with tons of potential and bucket fulls of Dirt Track and Road Racing talent.
The start is obviously very important in Flat Track and can really make a huge difference to your race (second only to coming across the stripe first).Bryan and Sammy show their stuff.