Thursday, January 26, 2012

Brad Baker AMA National # 12

2011 AMA Rookie of the Year Brad Baker has been impressive on the Big Red Duc but rumor has it he has put the Italian Stallion to pasture and has opted for what could be the best tuned bikes in the whole AMA field. Brads headed to Kenny Tolbert's stable with V-Twin and get this, Kawasaki Parallel Twin power. Tolbert's Harleys are phenomenal and with Brad on them ,I would say hard to beat but, both Tuner and Rider are interested in trying the 650 twin. It will be interesting to see just exactly when and what track they roll out their Kawi. Best of luck to both of you guys and a big thanks for putting a really intriguing wrinkle in the 2012 Grand National Season.
We wont see the #12 Ducati in 2012. Can't wait to see who gets this plum ride. A big 17 would look great on there.
Brad trying to stay in front of his new ride at the Sacramento Mile.
The Kid is a natural with Speed and Style.
Brad knows how to fold up into a small fast package.
The long and the short of it. Kevin Atherton adjusts a makeshift dust guard in Brads helmet at Pomona. Jumping ships means you leave a lot of good guys behind. Athertons one of them. Coach,Test Rider,Fabricator and Motivator,not forgetting to mention Kevin is one of the wild men that give Flat Track a lot of its color.