Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Frank Round's photos Harrington 1/2 Mile 1984

On my daily trip through the great M/C Blogs I always visit www.theriderfiles.com and was blown away by Frank Round's collection of photos from the 1984 Camel Pro Harrington,DEL 1/2 Mile National. Check them out,its a wonderful trip back in time to a great era of Dirt Track including some memories of a few of our Late,Great Racing Heros.Here are just a few.
Randy Goss,when he was on top and almost unbeatable.
Rick Graham doing what he loved.
How did this guy get so lucky. When your front porch overlooks the back straight of a Grand National Track, you know you are living life large! Randy Texter being hounded by the feuding Scott Bros. Hank and Gary.
Nice Pit scene with Mark Hartley syncing the carbs on his XR.
Rod Farris,Ted Boody,Ricky G and Pete Hames getting ready to line up for the start.