Friday, December 23, 2011

Ascot Flashback

Fortunately for me, I'm old enough to have enjoyed AMA Flat Track Racing from what I consider it's Golden Era to it's present state of high excitement. One pleasure I always really enjoy is looking at old programs like this one from Ascot's AMA Camel Pro 20 Lap National. The year was 1976 and what a year it was. Gary Scott had won the No.1 in '75 but he felt he was being treated shabbily by The Motor Co. and he told them to pound sand. He battled them gallantly but it was the Michigan sensation Springsteen who dominated in '76.
Look at the names on this Heat Sheet.Beauchamp, Eklund, Boody, Morrison, Randy Skiver, John Gannai and Diane Cox.There would have been some great racing that night. Then and now Flat Track fans know the Sport inside and out. They know the Riders and the bikes they ride. At Ascot,after each heat, Roxy Rockwood would always announce the results and half the spectators would have pencil to program filling it out just like this one.Springer the down home superstar who is a powerhouse in Flat Track still today and thank goodness for that!

Roberts didn't always win but it was a pleasure to see his meteoric rise to the top of the two wheel world by utilizing the skills he learned right here on the dirt.
The Texas Kidd,future Champion always on the gas.
No one had more fans at Ascot than Jorgy. He was from California,he rode the awesome sounding Scarlet underdog Norton with such flair and determination that even the Harley fans loved him.